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Simonson Station Stores was established in part in Grand Forks, North Dakota in 1933 by Arch F. Simonson as part of his start-up business Simonson Cash Supply.

Simonson Cash Supply was primarily a lumber, hardware, and supply business. Arch learned his business skills from his father Nels Simonson. Nels ran the same type of business operations in Minnesota and Wisconsin in the early 1900’s.

Simonson Cash Supply

As a part of Simonson Cash Supply, Arch sold petroleum products such as gasoline, fuel oil, and coal to his customers. Depending upon the amount of the customer’s purchase and/or the distance they traveled to get to him, Arch would give that customer a portion of the fuel purchase at no charge as part of a “Free Delivery Service”. Arch’s life ended prematurely in 1941 after a Northwest Orient plane crash in Fargo, North Dakota. After Arch’s death, his wife Carroll continued to oversee the business operation until their two sons John and Peter took over the operation of the business in the mid 50’s.

Retail Petroleum

John and Peter soon thereafter split the gasoline operation away from Simonson Cash Supply. They formed a new corporation, Simonson Station Stores.  With this new corporation, John and Peter expanded the petroleum end of the business to eight stores throughout North Dakota during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Together, they operated some of the most successful retail petroleum outlets in the region for over 40 years. Currently, Simonson Station Stores is being operated by Arch R. Simonson, one of John’s sons, that is committed to running a successful family business now and for the next generation of Simonson’s.  As you can see, we truly are a 4th generation independent family owned business currently operating 17 stores across North Dakota and Minnesota.

Here to Serve You

Simonson Station Stores is committed to selling only the highest quality products at a competitive price and serving our customers with the highest standards of customer service in the industry. If we are given the opportunity, we will earn your business each and every day. This is our promise to you our customer.

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